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The following is a listing of locations where people gather  (usually) on a semi-regular basis for group runs in which all are welcome to join.  If you would like to add a group run to this list, please e-mail me at runner@panix.com.

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BelmoreBellmore/ Sunken Meadows/ Mitchell Field



Farmingdale/ Plainview

Greenlawn/ Northport


New Hyde Park


dotMattituck/ Cutchogue

Port Jefferson



Sunken Meadow Park

Syosset/ St. James

Farmingdale - Runners Edge has group runs every Tuesday and Friday at 6 pm starting from the store located on Main Street in Farmingdale.  In addition, there is a long distance run (i.e. 9 to 20 miles) on Sundays leaving at 9 am (8 am during the summer months).  The Tuesday run tends to be a speed workout on the track, and Friday is usually moderate distance.  Pace varies depending on the people that show up but tends to be from 6 min. per mile up to about 8 min. per mile.  For further information, call Runners Edge at 420-7963.

USATF sponsor workouts in Farmingdale/ Plainview all year long for all level coached by USATF Level I and III coaches. Specific detail are as follows:
Tuesdays-Farmingdale High School - 7PM organized drill, strength and track
Thursdays-Plainview, Matlin Middle School - 8-9PM  hill workouts.
Sundays- January through May - Farmingdale High School - 9AM longer runs, tempo runs and strength. Call USATF Long Distance Running Development Program, Kevin at (917) 499-4638 for more information.

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Greenlawn/ Northport  - The Northport Road Runners Club has the following organized workouts:

Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Track (Speed) Workouts
Summer: Northport High School Track, Northport, NY
Winter: Greenlawn Railroad Station

This event is a staple of the NRC activities, and is geared towards ability of all levels. Typically anywhere between 15 and 40 members (and guests) attend. During daylight savings months the club meets at 6:30pm at the Northport High School. During the winter months if weather conditions dictate, the workout is moved to the Greenlawn Railroad Station, which remains lit throughout the winter months. Otherwise the workout remains at the High School track. The workout includes a 1-mile warm-up, an organized track workout, and a 1-mile cool-down. During the workout we do intervals of varying distances (200 meters to 1 mile), each followed by a slow jog "recovery" which allows runners of all abilities to regroup before the next interval. There is usually plenty of competition for the front of the pack (5 - 6 min/mile pace), however, this workout is not just for the fleet of feet. You can always find someone that does your pace (7-10 min/mile pace) and on most nights there are runners that simply jog (fast runners please excuse the term) around the outside of the track, in lieu of running on the roads. The event can be grueling workout, or an easy recovery from an injury, depending on your preference. Following the workout, one can find most runners ingesting refreshments in a local pub, nursing injuries, talking about upcoming races, planning future events, and (hopefully) talking about things that have nothing to do with running.

Thursday 6:30 p.m. Hill Workouts
Summer: Harborfields High School, Pulaski Road, Greenlawn, NY
Winter: Laurel Avenue Middle School, Northport, NY

The Thursday hill workouts meet during the summer months at the Harborfields High School for a run that goes north through the hills of Greenlawn and Centerport. During winter months runners meet at the Laurel Avenue School for a run through Northport's hills. This can be a tough workout with the pace typically between 9:00 and 10:30. Runners that expect to run a slower pace than this should coordinate with other runners of similar pace to run the hills.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. Cross Country and longer runs
Summer: Kings Park LIRR Station
Winter: Sunken Meadow State Park, Field 1, Kings Park

During the summer months these runs start at the Kings Park L.I.R.R. Station. For the rest of the year, when there is no charge for parking, the run starts at Sunken Meadow State Park. These runs go through Kings Park & San Remo, occasionally loop back to Sunken Meadow Park, and vary from 6 to 8 miles depending on the week. The pace is typically 8:15 to 9:30 minutes/mile. There are quite a few places to cut it short if you’re not up to it, or the weather gets too hot. During July, August and September these runs sometimes wind up in the 12-20 mile range for those that are training for Fall Marathons. At the end of the runs after changing the runners get a bagel and coffee breakfast at the local bagel shop on Main Street in Kings Park.

Sunday 8:00 a.m. (7:00am in the Summer) Fun Runs - Various distances and speeds
Year round: Laurel Avenue Middle School, Northport, NY

Most weeks these runs start at the Laurel Avenue School, and generally are "recovery or fun runs". These are usually leisurely paced runs of 9:30 to 10:30 minutes/mile. Some of the courses take us through/to downtown Northport, the Northport "Pits", Crab Meadow Beach, Makamah Beach, Middleville, Fort Salonga, Greenlawn, and East Northport. Leader Charlie Merlino usually suggests where you're headed. Ocassionally on the last Sunday of each month at 8:00am Charlie Merlino leads the Club on runs of 6 to 9 miles at various locations at a leisurely 9:30 to 10:30 pace. This run replaces the normal Sunday Morning Training Run. The group has traveled to Smithtown, Huntington Bay, Selden, Farmingdale, Caumsett State Park, Blydenburgh Park etc., for a "Change of Scenery Run". At the end of the runs after changing into dry clothes the group gets breakfast at a local diner or pancake house to replace those lost carbohydrates.

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New Hyde Park - The New Hyde Park Runners Club meets every Sunday morning @8:00 at the Michael J. Tully Park Physical Activities Center in New Hyde Park for distance runs of between 4 and 7 miles. On the third Sunday of each month the Club meets @8:00 am for a bagel run and meeting.

For more information call Ken Ramondino @ (516) 352-1721.

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Massapequa - Massapequa Road Runners Club gets together on Saturdays and Sundays from Brady Park in Massapequa Park at 8 am.  Typically they run along the Bethpage Bike Path. At various times during the year, they mght also have Wednesday night track workouts from Plainview High School.  For more info call Diane De Lissio 631-598-7529.  

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Matticuck/ Cutchgue- The NoFo Runners meet at 9am usually on Sunday mornings at 9am, but occasionally Saturday mornings at 9am instead.  Meeting places are the Waldbaum's Shopping Plaza in Mattituck, or Karen's Deli in Cutchogue.  Join the group's Facebook page for time/place updates each week, or to be put on an email list, email Jim Underwood

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River Road, Smithtown - Every Sunday morning @ 7:30 from the Uncle Guiseppe's shopping center in Smithtown approximately 15 to 25 runners of all speeds run through the hills of Smithtown and Stony Brook. The miles can be anywhere from 8 to 20+. Usually it is 14 miles. It is a great course if you are going to train for a marathon.

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Syossett - Info to be updated.

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Bellmore - The Bellmore Striders have organized workouts on Tues, Thurs. and Sun.  The schedule varies depending on the time of the year. Call Alex Cuozzo for more info at 221-7760.  During the summer, there is a run starting from Sunken Meadows Park Upper Picnic Area on Thursdays at 6:30 pm.  This is a x-c type workout.  There also is a track workout at Mitchell Field on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.  Finally, there is a Sunday long run that usually leaves from Alex's house in the morning.

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Hewlett - South Shore Striders have small group that run on a daily basis for early risers.  Runs leave from Hewlett High School parking lot at 5:30 am Monday through Friday, 6 am Monday through Saturday, and 7 am on Sunday.  Weekday runs are about 4 miles are at 8:30 per mile pace.  The Sunday long run will be from 6 to 15 miles at 8 to 9 min. per mile.


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Sunken Meadow State Park There are groups of runners who run at the Park on Wed. some start at 4PM and others start at 5PM, distance is usually around 12 miles but different loops and cross country trails can produce runs from as short as 3 miles. The terrain can be hilly - into the woods, up the toll booth road etc. or it can be flat - along the board walk or a combination of both.

In addition, on Sat. and Sun when there are no major races runners can be found starting at around 8 to 9 am depending on the weather and the time of year. In the summer months, the park charges admission so to avoid the $7.oo fee, runners get to the park early before 8 Am; (or they purchase the passport pass for $42. which gives free admission to all state parks for the entire year. ) After Labor Day the park no longer charges an admission fee and runners will go to the park later. From the east end parking lot to the top of the golf course road and back is about a 4 mile loop. There is also the cross country course which is well marked and new cinder is laid down in late summer for the upcoming cross country season. The trails are really soft on the legs and freshman and cardiac hills are always a challenge. The cross country has a short and a long course 2000 m and 5000m . Course trails can be picked up in the office or in the cross country trailer.

If you run on Saturdays in the early fall you will be able to run with some of the cross country teams. Many High school teams come to Sunken Meadow State park to train. There are bathroom facilities open all year long and the park had changing facilities and outdoor showers (the showers are only open in the summer months)

In the winter, if it snows there are trails for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. The park often will sponsor cross country ski clinics in Jan/Feb. Finally, runners who would like to cross train, there are bike trails both mountain bike and on road for biking and of course the Long Island sound for swimming. The water is best in the early summer and late summer. Wet suits are recommended for longer swims. The water is relatively clean but check the tide schedule. Dead low tide means water will be no deeper than 2-3 feet.

Sunken Meadow State Park is at the north end of the Sagtigos Parkway or along 25A in Kings Park..


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Bohemia - The Rolling Thunder Road Runners Club runs at Saturday mornings at 8:00AM starting at the Vets Memorial Hwy. (at the headwaters of the Connetquot River sign) in Bohemia. The runs are of varied distances usually from 8-20 miles at varied paces and go through Connetquot River Park. Come run with us and see what Long Island was before the encroachment of civilization. Various types of wildlife abound in the park.

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Port Jefferson - The Port Jefferson Road Runners meet Sundays at 7:00 a.m. at Starbuck's on W. Broadway in Port Jefferson Village. For more information and to read more about the club, please visit their web site or Contact: Angeline Judex.

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Brookhaven - The North Country Road Warriors that serves the north shore of Long Island from Port Jefferson to Riverhead has group runs/walks for all ages and abilities on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Brookhaven State Park, 8:30 am. Contact Ray or Frank for more info.

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Sayville - Every Tuesday at 6pm at Sayville Running Company runners of all levels. Summer only for HS and College runners: Every Thursday at 6pm. Runs of 3, 5 or 7 miles at all ability levels guided by Sayville staff of former HS, College XC runners and coaches Call store (877-701-3033) for more info.

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