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The Bethpage Bike Path

The Bethpage bike path is a long flat path that runs from Bethpage State Park to the town of Massepequa.  For most of its length it is bounded by trees and foliage which gives you the feeling of running far enough from the surburbs to get relaxed but close enough to houses that you never feel unsafe.  Another nice thing about the path is that mileage is marked every quarter mile.  From end to end is approximately 7 miles.


Due to the length of the path, there are several points where you can join it.  If you want to run its full length, you should start at the Bethpage State Park parking lot that is close to the picnic grounds toward the northern end of the park.  

The path parallels the road leading out of the parking lot and then runs along side the Bethpage State Parkway.  Thus it also can be picked up anywhere along the Parkway from the park until the Southern State Parkway.  After the Southern State, the path continues south through the Massapequa Preserve all the way to the Sunrise Highway.  It runs along the Highway east for about a 1/4 mi. and then continues on the other (southern) side of the Highway in a westerly direction for a short bit before turning south again for about a mile until Merrick Road where the path ends. Many people cross Merrick road and go east until Biltmore Road and then south on Biltmore for about a mile until they reach the bay.

The nicest part of the run is in the Preserve were there is an abundance of wildlife near the ponds and streams.

This was added by pat_caffrey@ibm.net:

From Sunrise Hwy to the park and back is 13 miles. You can stretch it to an out and back 15 miler by starting at Merrick Rd, to the end in the park and back. As an additional bonus, you can connect to the greenbelt trail in the park, after going through the picnic area and actually run all the way to the sound. For the endurance enthusiast, you can actually run from the sound to the bay.




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